The Process Of Application for Operation License

The Process Of Application for Operation License

In order to operate in free zones, an Operating License must be obtained from the Ministry of Commerce, Free Zones, Foreign Investment and Services General Directorate.

For Obtaining Operation License;

From, Free Zone Directorate or Zone Operator/Founder and Operator Company Operating License Application Form and a copy Will be acquired.

Introductory information about the applicant and the activity to be carried out in the free zone, authorization certificate of the signatory and circular of signature, and authorization certificate and signature statement of the company representative (if any),

Registration of the applicant company in the Turkish Trade Registry Gazettes and the Chamber of Commerce and/or Industry, where the establishment announcement and the last capital and partnership structure are published. (For foreign companies, a copy of the establishment certificate valid in their own country approved by the Turkish representation in that country),

Balance sheet of the firm for the last three years, profit and loss statement,

The original and a photocopy of the bank receipt showing that the application fee has been paid to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey,

(If any) Documents showing the amount of foreign exchange brought to Turkey in the last three years,

Will be presented to Free Zone Directorate with a petition.

Companies that are deemed appropriate to obtain an Operating License as a result of the examination carried out by the General Directorate, within 30 days; They make a lease agreement for indoor or outdoor space.

In free zones, the land of which is privately owned, it is possible for companies to purchase land or workplaces. In these regions, companies deemed appropriate by the General Directorate to obtain an Operating License, within 30 days; If they are going to buy land or workplace, they make a sales contract or a lease agreement.

A copy of the contract approved by the relevant Free Zone Directorate is sent to the Free Zones General Directorate. An Operating License is issued on behalf of those who make lease/sales contracts within the period given by the General Directorate.

Investor users, after obtaining the Operating License, apply to the Regional Directorate and obtain a “Construction License” to implement the construction projects they have prepared. After completing the construction work, they get their “Settlement License” and start their commercial activities. The application fees paid for the Operating License are refunded to the companies that are not deemed appropriate to obtain an Operating License.

It is obligatory for natural or legal persons headquartered in Turkey to carry out their activities in the free zone through the branches they will establish. In this case, matters such as capital structure and profitability will be taken into account during the analysis of the balance sheet of the central firm for the last three years.

In order for the branch to operate in the free zone to start its commercial activities, capital must be allocated to the branch and operating expenses must be foreseen.

All real and legal entities that will operate in free zones must obtain the necessary permits from all public institutions and organizations in our country within the scope of their activities..

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