Advantages of Our Free Zones

Advantages of Our Free Zones

  1. Oppurtunity to benefit from Tax Advantages for Manufacturer Users
  • The profits of the goods that are being produced by the Users who operate  in the scope of Manufacturing based Operating License are exempt from Income and Corporate tax until the end of the year that covers the occurance of European Union membership.
  • The wage that is being paid to the workers that employed for the Users who export their goods’ at least %85 of FOB price to abroad is exempt of Income Tax. This percentage value may differ, change or can get regulated by Council of Ministers.
  • The actions and arranged papers of Free Zone Users that originate or take place in free zones are exempt from stamp duty and fees. Free zone users who are performing manufacturing in the mentioned Free Zone can benefit from this exemption.

The exemption of Income and Corporate Tax of the Users who got their license in another or divergent area than manufacturing before 06/02/2004, will continue till the end of their Operating License expire date. License acquisitions that occured after the date of 06/02/2004 and in other areas except manufacturing, are not subjects of the exemptions of tax.

  1. Mid and Long Term Oppurtunity of Plannable Future
  • 15 Years termed license for Users-Tenants that rented and ready workplace,
  • 20 Years termed license for Manufacturers-Tenants-User Firms that rented ready workplace,
  • 30 Years termed license for Investors-User Firms that Build their own workplace,
  • 45 Years termed license for Manufacturers-Investors-User Firms that build their own workplace,

Can be arranged accordingly.

On the other hand; the areas, lands, buildings or properties that belong to the can be rented for Investor Users and the right of easement can be granted for 49 years.

  1. Feasibility or Opputunity of Income Transfer

The income and gainings that earned within the Free Zones can be transfered to or from Turkey without any admission to permissions.

  1. The Facilitation of Trade

Foreign regime protocols shall be applied to transactions that may occur within Free Zones and other places in Turkey. In another saying, Transactions or Trade  that flows through Turkey to Free Zones will be subjected to export regime and the Transactions or Trade that flows through Free Zones to Turkey will be subjected to import regimes. In addition to being subjected to import regimes, the goods and services that being mentioned in the flow of the trade can be bought or arranged by Free Zone Users at export prices (without VAT (value adding tax)).On the other hand, Foreign Trade Regimes wont be applied in the Trades in which take place Free Zones to another Free Zone and with Free Zones to Another Country.

Furthermore, the goods from Turkey that are not over the 5000 USD limit and are necessary to be supplied to secure the procurement of consumables, may not be subjected to foreign trade regimes by request.

  1. Commercial Operation Opportunity Free from Customs Duty Procedure

The goods that originated From Turkey and EU or the goods in free circulation will benefit from exemption of customs tax when entering Turkey or EU due to  its unchanged status of free circulation In addition, customs duty is not paid when goods originating from third countries enter the free zone and if these goods are sent to third countries other than Turkey or EU member countries. However, the goods that don’t have the status of free circulation and are not originated from Turkey or EU are subjected to customs tax within the limits of Common Customs Tariff’s ratio.

  1. Provision of Free Movement Documents Required by EU and Customs Union Criteria

Since the free zones are considered as part of the “Turkey-EU Customs Union”, it is possible to send the products originating from Turkey or the EU and the products in free circulation in Turkey from the zones to the EU by issuing an A.TR Certificate. Products originating from third countries can be sent to the EU by issuing an A.TR Certificate after they are released for free circulation by paying customs duty to the Free Zone Customs Directorate at the rate specified in the Common Customs Tariff.

  1. Equality Principle

All of the firms that are local and foreign will benefit from the same advantages and incitements equally and non-discriminately. Operators and users will also be able to benefit from non-tax incentives to be determined by the Council of Ministers during the investment and production stages.

  1. Non-Existence of any Timegate

Goods can stay in the free zone without any time limit.

  1. Facilities That Will be Regulated and Designed for The Need and Desires of The Market

Excluding the provisions of the legislation on customs and foreign exchange obligations and the demands of the producer enterprises, the authorizations given to the public institutions and organizations regarding price, quality and standards are not applied in the free zones.

  1. Realistic Inflation Accounting

Every type of transaction for any activity within the Free Zones will be accomplished or arranged foreign currency.

  1. Accesibility to Local and Foreign Markets

There wont be any restrictions upon selling a product in Turkey or establishing a trade from Free Zones to another country. In addition, restrictions are not brought or stated except; domestic trade within Free Zones, consumables and  risky goods.

  1. Reduced Burocratic Procedure and Dynamic Business Management

Buracracy during the application and operating phase is reduced and minimized to its minimum. Free Zones are managed by private sector companies.

  1. Strategical Advantage

Our Free Zones are geographically advantageous because of the affinity and proximity to EU and Middle Eastern Markets. In addition of our proximity, Our Free Zones have easy access(locationwise) to large ports in Mediterranian, Aegean and Black Sea also International Airports, Highways and finally Entertainment areas’ proximity are taken into consideration while establishing our Free Zones.

  1. Affordable and Inexpensive Infrastructure for All Kinds of Commercial and Industrial Activities

Standards and quality indicators are at the same level as developed country counterparts.

  1. Ease of Leveraging Supply Chain Facility

Free Zones present a ground that is cabaple of granting stable, continous and fair priced supply of intermediate goods, raw material and resources procurement for especially manufacturers that participate or do business in areas of export.

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